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Specialists in cyber-delinquency analyze at Comillas the keys to the sector and its future in protecting against cyber-crime

AulaAbierta26-04-17Technology is advancing more and more rapidly.  Even Moore´s Law, which says that the capacity of micro-processors is doubling each year and a half, while their size is being reduced by half, has almost become obsolete.  Considering this backdrop, cyber-security should advance at the same speed.  This was the subject of discussion during the Round Table ““Retos de la ciberseguridad en un mundo hiperconectado”, (Challenges in Cyber-Security in a Hyper-Connected World”), which was held within the Lecture Series “Capacidades Empresariales para un mundo conectado” (Business Abilities for a Connected World), which is a part of the Open Classroom for Digital Transformation, sponsored by the Comillas Alumni Office.