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This app was created by a former student of Comillas ICADE

PetoachPetCoach, a startup created by David Martín, an alumni of Comillas ICADE, devoted to veterinary consultations, has just been acquired by the US Group PetCo in an important commercial transaction. A Graduate of Business Administration and Management (E-2) in 2007, David Martín created PetCoach in 2014, together with Álvaro Jiménez and Fernando Pascua. In just three years, this startup has managed to become the leader in on-line consultations with veterinarians in the United States, with more than 300,000 questions asked up to the present time and with 350,000 active users.

Prior to PetCoach, Martín had launched other projects related to entrepreneurship, such as T-RETO and Why not Challenge.