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The former is the result of historical research and the latter is inspired by a refugee camp

BelenCantoblancoComillas ICAI-ICADE has inaugurated its two Nativity Scenes on the occasion of the beginning of Advent. On the one hand, the nativity scene on the Cantoblanco Campus, more traditional, has had the collaboration of Professor Rosa Salas to design all of the”supporting material” so that the use of materials "has been very good, with a lot of detail," explained Alberto Núñez, SJ, Director of the University Pastoral Service.

"This is a project to make a 'Nativity Scene research project', that is to say, with a methodology of study, so that each year a specific aspect of the historical, cultural and religious context of the time of Jesus can be explored. The idea is to make a modular Manger Scene that will add another module each year. This year its size is 8 m² and more than twenty people have participated in the project since June. It is a section of the town of Bethlehem, as a small town, without the castle of Herod or the Annuciation of the Shepherds.BelenICAI