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In our determination to implement the values of the university into society, we as Comillas alumni continue to be "fellow men and women". There are many ways to get involved and collaborate. You are bound to find something that motivates you.

1. Construct your university

The aim of this program is to increase grant and financial support funds for university studies so that young people with proven abilities who aspire to receive comprehensive training but who lack the financial resources to do so, can access the university.

2. Alumni mentors

Many of our alumni have relevant experience in particular areas or sectors. We encourage you to share your professional experience with alumni that have fewer years of experience or with students in their last academic year, to help and advise them. It is likely that their concerns are similar those you had a few years ago.


3. Legal, business and engineering support projects

Participate in the service learning program of Comillas Solidaria, tutoring work groups of student volunteers that provide community services through legal, business and engineering projects. Find out more on:

Legal clinic | Engineering + Social | Social business consultancy

4. Alumni Speakers

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think your experience or knowledge regarding a particular area may interest other alumni.

We need your experience and training to continue progressing.


5. United in the mission for Jesuits alumni

This is an Entreculturas and a Federation of Jesuit alumni of Spain project. It aims to be a channel of support for former students towards transformation work that the Society of Jesus, through education, continues to carry out with the most disadvantaged people.

6. Sponsorship

Sponsor activities and projects of the university such as academic acts, conferences, specific studies, awards for the best final projects, etc.


7. Recruit at Comillas

The aim is that Comillas alumni can themselves foster recruit of interns and other students with or without experience for their companies. You can seek out the best candidates with help from the Internship and Careers Office.

8. Discounts on services to alumni

It offers the services of your company to other Comillas alumni on advantageous terms.

9. International internships

Collaborate on financing or providing internships in the US for Comillas students through COMFIE (Comillas University Foundation for International Education).