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We make connecting alumni easier

Our network comprises very diverse national and international profiles, forging an enriched, professional and personal connection among our alumni.

Joining, enhancing and preserving this alumni network offers you great personal and professional opportunities. Through Comillas Alumni, you can improve your network of contacts, do business and even find a new job.

To foster the connection among our alumni, organizamos un encuentro anual de alumni, we organize an annual alumni event, reunions celebrating the 10th, 25th and 50th graduation anniversaries and regular autonomous and international events. Furthermore, the exclusive Comillas Alumni Social Network allows us to take our networking beyond the face-to-face events, which we are not always able to attend. Using this social network, you can search, find and get in contact with other Comillas ICAI-ICADE alumni, regardless of what you studied, your job or where you live.

Periodical Comillas Alumni events

  • Encuentros 25º Aniversario Promoción
    Encuentros 25º Aniversario Promoción

    No nos olvidamos de vosotros. Comillas está y sigue estando a vuestro lado


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Comillas Alumni Social Network

Comillas Alumni Mobile APP

Download our mobile application of the Comillas Alumni community for iOS and Android.


Alumni online directory

Search and find other alumni.

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Exclusive Comillas Alumni. Expand your contact network and access employment opportunities.

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We encourage you to tweet and share with us your news. [ Access ]


Comillas Alumni Industry Circles

Comillas Alumni Industry Circles are alumni groups that gather under the framework of Comillas Alumni to meet specific interests at sector and functional level, share professional experiences and strengthen the contact network of specific degrees.

In order to take part in our industry circles, it is essential to be registered with Comillas Alumni..

You can access specific information on each circle through the link below:


Comillas Alumni ambassadors

Comillas Alumni ambassadors are alumni, members of Comillas Alumni, who participate voluntarily in a common project to contribute to the commitment of the alumni network.

Types of Comillas Alumni ambassadors

Regional ambassadors

Contribution to the project in different Spanish regions


International ambassadors

Contribution to the project at an international level


Promotion ambassadors

Dissemination of the project among members of their graduating class


Company ambassadors

Dissemination of the project among alumni working in the same company

Commitments of Comillas Alumni ambassadors


  • Proactivity in the search for alumni in their regions, promotions and companys
  • Organisation of meetings for alumni in their regions, promotions and companys
  • Dissemination of cooperation opportunities with the university among alumni
  • Contribution to the good reputation of the university with their good personal and professional practice

    If you are interested in becoming a Comillas Alumni ambassador, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    Associations of Former Students

    Comillas Alumni have multidimensional careers. All former COMILLAS ICAI – ICADE students can join Comillas Alumni.

    Our alumni network encompasses extremely diverse, national and international profiles (engineers, lawyers, business people, physiotherapists, social workers, teachers, psychologists, etc.). This creates an extremely enhanced personal and professional connection among our alumni.

    However, we understand that our alumni may have specific interests relating to their training. To meet those sector and work-related interests, there are diverse associations of former students.

    These associations of former students are bodies that are independent from the Comillas Pontifical University ICAI-ICADE and their aims are to provide sector-related information, professional advice, and to train and connect alumni with similar training backgrounds.

    You can access specific information on each association below: