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Services of the university

Email account and Office 365

A free email account for all alumni and Office 365 for alumni registered in Comillas Alumni that participate in a training program.

Sports Service

Access to sports facilities, tournaments, sports equipment, etc., under the same conditions as current students.


Access with the same benefits as current students.

Access to electronic resources will be guaranteed based on provider contracts.


Access with the same benefits as current students.

Computer rooms

Access with the same benefits as current students.

Internship and Careers Office

Jobs Board Service.

Entrepreneurial Unit

Access to information and services for Entrepreneurs from the university.

Cultural activities

Access to cultural activities, seminars and organized sessions at the university.

Information and Student Reception Office

Information regarding admissions on university curriculums, validations and simultaneous studying.

Social Work Unit

Support and guidance regarding disabilities.

Psychoeducational Counseling Unit

Access to first-hand care, support and guidance regarding any type of personal difficulty that former students may face.

Psychosocial Intervention Unit

Psychotherapy and workshops for former students.

Comillas Solidaria

Participate. Become a volunteer.               

Pastoral Service

Access to pastoral activities.                  


Comillas Alumni benefits in commercial agreements

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